China, Sri Lanka, India, Sovereignty, the Indian Ocean and the Maritime Silk Road — Latest Controversy

Peace and Freedom

Just as China recently seemed to conquer the South China Sea, the Indian Ocean is the next wide ocean expanse necessary to complete President Xi’s “One Belt One Road” China Dream.

But not everyone along the “New Silk Road” is completely delighted at the prospect of more Chinese neighbors.

The article below is a reminder that India and Sri Lanka are among those not totally devoted to China’s expansive plans….


China’s take-over of the South China Sea is complete; One Belt One Road project within reach

The Philippines, China and the South China Sea: Corruption, Tricky Deals and Failure to Follow International Law

Philippines President Duterte Weakened The Philippines in the South China Sea During ASEAN -– Trillanes

Philippines abruptly drops South China Sea mentions from ASEAN statement

Indonesian President Joko Widodo — Chinese regional hegemony crashing into Indonesian sovereignty

ASEAN Leaders Make China the Big Winner (Anyone Interested in Rule of Law Lost)


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