Do Americans owe Jews for making ‘America great’?

Rehmat's World

On Tuesday night, Alan Dershowitz, the American Jewish lawyer with a long history of defending Israel’s crimes and sex maniacs told members of his tribe at Scarsdale synagogue that since Jews have made America great, the US needs to support the Zionist regime no matter what.

We earned our influence in this country by contributing more to its success than others – so now use your influence!,” said Dershowitz.

I hate to agree with Dershowitz that American wouldn’t have African slavery usury, World Wars, pornography, sex slavery, gambling, abortion, LGBT, and many other ‘progressive things’ without help from the Jews.

Muslims, though, arrived in the United States much later than Jews who accompanied Columbus,have contributed in several fields such as military (Bampett Muhammad, Yusuf Ben Ali, Peter Bunkmister, etc. who all fought under Gen. George Washington), Morocco was the first country which recognized the US in…

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