India’s Jew Mother Teresa!

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Hindu majority India is home to several Mother Teresa. First was an Albanian-born Catholic Saint Mother Teresa (died 1997), who according to a studyconducted by three Canadian academics, Dr. Serge Larivee (University of Montreal), Dr. Genevieve Chenard (University of Montreal), and Dr. Carole Senechal (University of Ottawa), was a fraud, and  that her beatification was orchestrated by an effective media campaign.

Then there is an Muslim Mother Teresa, Iranian-born Narges Kalbasi Ashtari who had to spend some time in an Indian jail.

On May 5, Manchester-born Jew, Dr. Jack Preger, 86, won the Philanthropist of the Year award last week for providing free medical care to poor Kolkata residents for over two decades. He became the first living non-Asian to receive the coveted award at London’s Park Lane Hilton presented by Bollywood veteran actor Sanjeev Bhaskar (see photo above). The event was attended by London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

After graduating in…

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