The “New” Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction


From the Daily Reckoning


Please. Blindfold your eyes.

Then grab a dart and heave it in the general direction of Wall Street.

If it doesn’t make you money… your dart-tossing just isn’t what it could be.

Such is the stock market, 2017.

Stocks trade near record highs.

Every random throw of the dart seems to find bull’s-eye… as if the bull’s-eye itself was a giant magnet… attracting the humblest stock that falls within its field.

But is it true? Are most stocks winners?

Goldman issued a report about the stock market Wednesday. “Eye-opening” might be one term to describe it.

“Scary” might be another.

Details to follow.

But first a look at the dart board…

The magnet’s faulty today. The Dow’s off 23 points. The S&P’s down four points of its own. But the Nasdaq’s up a nickel.

Gold’s up five bucks and change… for what it’s…

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