Get health insurance at work? You’re screwed, too


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The half of all Americans who get health coverage through work have been sitting back, watching the battle over Obamacare with the indifference of Alfred E. Neuman. What, me worry?

Wake up, already. Workers with company insurance can start worrying now.

As the rest of us were caught up in the Trump-Comey-Russia dust up last week, Tea Party extremist Sen. Ted Cruz was diligently plotting even more sinister proposed changes to the American Care Act. A “repeal and replace” bill narrowly passed the House of Representatives in a 217-213 squeaker. It was sent to the Senate for a creative writing job that would satisfy conservatives, while still saving $880 billion from Medicare for tax cuts for the wealthy.

For his part, Cruz would cut off all federal funding for Medicaid expansion enrollees. Better yet, Cruz wants to change refundable tax credits to non-refundable tax credits, a bid to the…

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