Iran’s ‘Jew tolerance’ angers Israel

Rehmat's World

Iraqi-born Israeli Mossad agent Rita Katz in video in Persian language shows Zionist terrorists belonging to theUS-Israel created ISIL threatening Iran over its support to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

In the anti-Iran propaganda video released late March 2017 – three ISIL thugs condemned Iran’s religious tolerance towards Jews living in the country. They claimed Iran’s paradoxical relationship towards Iranian Jews and Tehran’s often anti-Israel political rhetoric is a Jewish conspiracy.

The video also claimed that Iran supports Hamas to protect the Zionist entity. It’s interesting to note that ISIL militants operate along Israel-Syria border but instead of fighting Jewish army, they threaten Iran which has no common borders with Israel or Syria.

Iran has been home to Israelite communities since biblical times. They have rich Persian history including Persian Queen Esther mentioned in Jewish Holy Talmud. The tombs of Queen Esther and her uncle Mordechai, senior adviser to  King Ahasuerus, located in Hamedan…

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