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usa_chinaWritten by J.Hawk exclusively forSouthFront

In contrast to sending positive messages toward Russia during the presidential campaign, Donald Trump never minced words when it came to China, threatening to label it a “currency manipulator”, accusing it of “stealing” American jobs, and talking to Taiwan’s president which seemed to put into doubt the long-standing “One China” policy pursued by the United States. Things did not exactly improve after Trump’s inauguration–the cruise missile strike against the Shayrat airbase in Syria took place while China’s President Xi Jinping was hosted by Trump at the latter’s Mar-a-Lago estate. As if to add insult to the injury to Xi Jinping’s standing, Trump went on to note China’s president was notified of the strike while the two were enjoying “a beautiful chocolate cake.” Trump’s veritable “charm offensive” did not end there–shortly after the Shayrat operation, the US Air Force dropped the MOAB, the largest…

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