Is anyone here surprised?


An angry mob of Trump-supporting white supremacists gathered Saturday in Charlottesville, Va., to protest the planned removal of a Confederate statue.

I was going to write something about the necessity that The Current President (TCP) be impeached, but I believe it can wait.

If you believe it shocking that TCP gave high-level intelligence to the Russian Foreign Minister, and to Russia’s Ambassador to the United States, then allow me to kindly state that you haven’t been paying attention.

Here is a guy, and his sons, and his White House team, and senior Republican members of Congress, who are what they used to refer to in the Marine Corps as “asshole to elbow.” That means they are thisclose.

Monday evening, the president’s National Security Advisor refuted the claims that his boss leaked to the Russians. H.R. McMaster, who said he was in the room when the White House meeting took place…

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