It Begins,A Bill Has Been Passed To End Income Taxation On Gold And Silver – Episode 1279


From X22 Report

Canada’s Home Capital Group is collapsing at an accelerated pace, Canada might bailout the company. The auto industry has been hit hard, the subprime crisis accelerates, delinquencies are rising quickly and there are to many vehicles on the market. Trump battling his administration, pushing forward the plan to reset trade balance among countries for after the crash. McCain is opposed to Trump’s trade agreements, he was for the TPP. Arizona passed the bill that will stop the Fed and IRS from taxing gold and silver. The states are now moving in the direction of bringing back gold and silver as sound money. Trump is continuing creating chaos and will most likely be letting more people go. The Russian cyber attack writes a letter stating the FBI promised him money, citizenry for saying he was part of the Russian cyber attacking on the US.  IMF has seized Ukraine’s…

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