UAE to secure freshwater future with bizarre plan to bring iceberg from Antarctica

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Some people will go to any lengths for a drink, but a plan to drag an iceberg to the United Arab Emirates in a bid to secure the country’s future freshwater supply looks the most extreme.

“We are in need of every single drop of water and, unfortunately, these icebergs are disintegrating from Antarctica and they are floating in the ocean due to global warming,” Abdulla Al Shehi from the National Advisor Bureau Limited, the company behind the bizarre idea, told CBC.

Al Shehi says the UAE can collect the billions of liters of water melting from icebergs, a project he hopes will help combat water shortages in the country over the next 15 years.

The plan would involve towing an iceberg from near Heard Island, one of a group Antarctic islands, up to the coast of Fujairah in the east of the UAE. Once there, it can…

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