Putin ‘ready to provide recording’ of Lavrov-Trump exchange — But he’s not helping the U.S. with North Korea, Increases trade

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© POOL/AFP / by Yuri KADOBNOV with Maria ANTONOVA in Moscow | Vladimir Putin joked that Lavrov hadn’t passed on the information


Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that Moscow could provide a recording of a controversial exchange between Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US President Donald Trump that has plunged the White House into turmoil.

His comments were the first since Trump was hit with accusations that he shared secrets while meeting Lavrov in Washington, the latest crisis to hit the White house amid existing investigations into whether Trump’s aides colluded with Moscow during the campaign.

Putin said he was pleased with Lavrov’s visit to Washington last week but mocked the idea that Trump had shared secrets during the meeting, calling the allegations “political schizophrenia” and saying people spreading them are either “dumb” or “corrupt.”

“We can see that political schizophrenia is developing in the…

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