Suspected Saudi-led raid kills 23 Yemen civilians

Peace and Freedom


© AFP/File | The Saudi-led coalition, which intervened on the side of the Hadi government two years ago, has come under repeated criticism over civilian casualties in Yemen

SANAA (AFP) – A suspected raid by the Saudi-led coalition intervening in Yemen killed 23 civilians on Wednesday, including women and children, near the southwestern city of Taez, Shiite Huthi rebels said.

A military source with loyalist forces confirmed the raid, saying 20 civilians had died, and said it appeared to have been the result of a “mistake”.

Saba news agency, which is controlled by the Iran-backed rebels, said a vehicle carrying civilians in the town of Mawzaa, southwest of Taez, was hit in the raid.

Six children were killed, said the agency, adding that six other people also died in the attack but their bodies were burned beyond recognition.

The military source said the air strike targeted an area held by…

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