All women are welcome to China’s beaches with a face mask of any kind

China Daily Mail

The hot summer, after the Dragon Boat Festival on May 30, will ‘formally’ begin in China. One of the places for fun is the beach.

It has been increasingly popular in the beaches here since the early 2010s that women wear masks to protect themselves from UV so as to keep their face skin smooth and white.

In response to the huge demand, new designs are coming out everywhere to make the beach more colourful and amazing.

These face masks which are now generally known as ‘Face-kini’, show only the eyes, nostrils and lips. It means the face is unrecognizable.

The women here do not need to worry that some policemen may suddenly come to interfere and force them to remove the mask and even expel them from the beach. That was exactly what happened in France last summer.

The new rule started when ten women…

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