Cosmic concrete ideal for Mars can make Red Planet settlement a reality

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Builders may soon be looking to Mars for work after engineers developed a new form of concrete that can be produced on the Red Planet. The discovery helps to solve the problem of building structures able to withstand radiation on the planet.

Developed by NASA with engineers from Stanford University, the concrete doesn’t require boiling limestone to produce a binding agent, a process which needs tremendous heat and energy, resulting in carbon emissions.

Instead a protein from bovine blood known to become gluey when mixed with soil was used, according to Stanford.

Michael Lepech, an associate professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford, mixed the protein with simulated extraterrestrial soils in a mixer using vacuum technology to replicate the low gravity on Mars.

Lepech said the results were as solid as the concrete used in sidewalks and patios. It was also successfully tested at a gun range…

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