History’s Largest Ponzi Scheme Will Collapse Crypto Currency Will Replace it–Andy Hoffman Interview – YouTube



As Bitcoin continues to reach headlines, we have a returning legend with us, Andy Hoffman from Milesfranklin.com an expert in Precious Metals and a popular voice in the Crypto Currency scene.

Andy gives us his views on the relationship between the Crypto and Precious Metals Communities and the frustration expressed with Gold and Silver underperforming whilst Bitcoin and Altcoins remain Bullish.
With faith in the government and banks reaching at an all-time low across the world Andy explains why the ruling powers will never be trusted with money again!

1:45 What Andy saw in Bitcoin
4:45 The Precious Metal Space’s view on Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies
07:05 Can the State eventually control or effect Bitcoin?
10:15 Gold and Silver underperforming against Crypto Currencies Bullish Markets
15:15 For mainstream usage Bitcoin MUST prove itself!
19:15 How long can the Government’s Debt and Inflation process continue?

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