U.S.-led coalition confirms airstrike on Syrian govt forces convoy in southern Syria, hit tank, civil construction, equipment, citing “threat to U.S. partner forces” [read mercenary-terrorists]~REPORT

the real Syrian Free Press

U.S.-led airstrikes on Syrian forces hit tank
& construction equipment, casualties likely

US-led coalition airstrikes on Syrian pro-government forces near the city of An Tanf hit a tank, a bulldozer and construction equipment. US Central Command did not rule out casualties, but told RT it would not report a body count.
“If they were being used,” a US Central Command spokesman Josh Jacques told RT, casualties would be likely, but he said he is “not speculating.”

CentCom told RT that an assessment of Thursday’s attack is being conducted, but that even when it is completed, there would not be an exact body count reported, because they don’t have ground access.

The International Coalition for Operation Inherent Resolve said the Syrian forces “posed a threat” to troops of the US and the coalition. The Tanf base is located near the borders of Syria, Iraq and Jordan.

Unspecified Syrian pro-government forces allegedly…

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