The Russian Army to Be Subordinated to the National Guard in a Crisis

To Inform is to Influence

Viktor Zolotov, commander of the National Guard (Source: RIA Novosti)

One of the most alarming reports I’ve read about the Russian National Guard yet.

The level of paranoia about internal threats within Russia appears to be skyrocketing.

</end editorial> 

Publication: Eurasia Daily Monitor Volume: 14 Issue: 76

President Vladimir Putin signed a decree late last month (May 24) that lays out drastic changes in the military organization of the Russian state. The bureaucratic document approves “The Statute on the Operational-Territorial Grouping of National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation.” However, it is likely that the decree was signed specifically to enshrine in law one crucial paragraph: “By decision of the President of the Russian Federation, tactical formations and military units of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation, other military formations and organs can be transferred to the operational…

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