China strongly rejects Pentagon report:

Asia Middle East Forum

China has firmly rejected the “irresponsible” claims made in a report by the US Defense Department, which accused Beijing of seeking to expand its military footprint globally.

In a 106-page annual report titled Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China and published on Tuesday, the Pentagon highlighted what it said were Chinese military ambitions.

“China most likely will seek to establish additional military bases in countries with which it has a long-standing friendly relationship and similar strategic interests, such as Pakistan, and in which there is a precedent for hosting foreign militaries,” the report said.

It also focused on the South China Sea, where China is involved in territorial disputes with some of its neighbors, including Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

The Pentagon said that, in the previous year, China had deployed intermediate-range Dongfeng-26 missiles, which are purportedly capable of delivering nukes to ground targets in…

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