‘Crusher’ Comey has ‘Tweeter’ Trump on the ropes


Round One of the much-hyped pugilistic scrap between former FBI Director James Comey and Don Trump opened to a sellout crowd.

In the near corner, pudgy, dressed in red silk trunks decorated with tiny blue birds, at 6-feet-2 inches tall, the orange-haired, Don “The Tweeter” Trump!

And in the far corner, dressed in white trunks decorated with an American flag, at 6-feet-6 inches tall, the extremely fit, dark-haired, James “Crusher” Comey!

“Tweeter” Trump’s hands appear rather small compared to “Crusher” Comey’s large-sized boxing gloves. The Don looks nervous, he’s avoiding eye contact with the cold, steely-eyed Comey. Don appears to be asking for a cell phone, even though he’s wearing boxing gloves. Odd.

The ring announcer has exited through the ropes, and the two combatants retire to their corners. Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway are seconds for Don, his trainer is Steve “Hater” Bannon.

Comey also has two seconds and a…

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