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– “Go Irish”

– A human being is not born. No one is a human being by nature. A human being is made, just like DNA is transcripted into RNA & then translated into protein. The protein (body) then becomes the base from which the spiritual work is done…

– I live in this 3D world, but I am originally from the 4th dimension!
Therefore, I am nothing here, and this is nothing to me……

– “Again” – Archive (lyrics)
The music, the lyrics and my mood mingle perfectly to create absolute bliss!

– Distinguish:
Melancholic aggression
Nihilistic ressentiment

– Rock:

– Self-criticism – what a society needs the most, will never be considered by that culture as “good” or “positive”…
In fact, it will always be seen as negative or worthless!
There is nothing we hate or avoid more…

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