Americans Suddenly Sour on the Housing Market


Source: Americans Suddenly Sour on the Housing Market | Wolf Street

by Wolf Richter

It’s a Great Time to Sell and a Bad Time to Buy, they think.

Americans have been gung-ho in recent years about the housing market, bidding up prices with gusto as they went. The election helped. By February, the Fannie Mae Home Purchase Sentiment Index (HPSI) had shot up to 88.3, up 5.6 points year-over-year, and the highest ever in the data series going back to 2011. But since then, some dark clouds have appeared, and other dark clouds have been out there for a while – by some measures the darkest in the data series.

The index itself still looks benign: In May, it fell 0.5 points to 86.2, down 2.1 points from its February peak, but still up 0.9 points year-over-year:

But here are the clouds, according to Doug Duncan, senior VP and chief…

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