The target is not Qatar but Saudi Arabia:

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The recent decision taken by some Gulf countries to isolate Qatar is actually an indication that major events are about to take place in the region. We all know that these tremors are not under the control of one country, but it is not clear who will benefit or be affected by them. There is a significant difference between political change and physical change: political and social change may carry data which are beyond the calculations of physical change.

The number of actors in the Middle East today is beyond measure. Everybody has his own plan, but the internal inconsistencies of these plans do not allow anyone to make changes in the policies of the Middle East. Under these circumstances, we may find some parts who build their roots on top of their enemies or we may actually see a structure that is in its final stage suddenly sabotaged by someone else. The United States, which incites one terrorist group against the other, is doomed to deal with the destruction that this terrorist organisation made.

As a matter of fact, it is known that it is impossible for the United States to present a…

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