‘US making profit from bloodshed worldwide’:

Asia Middle East Forum

The US military conducted a deadly airstrike against suspected al-Shabaab militants in Somalia on Sunday. Commenting on the attack, Scott Bennett, a former US army psychological warfare officer, called  “this particular theater in Somalia” as part of the US Africa Command domination strategy.

He said the al-Shabaab terror group is being funded by Saudi Arabia and the US. “The CIA, Mossad, and Saudi Arabia send these fanatics to cause trouble in Libya and Syria.”

He concluded that for the United States to be “whacking the moles that they genetically engineer is absolutely hypocrisy and it’s a betrayal against the American people.”

Bennett also noted that Washington’s military apparatus is being used to make profit from wars. “The military industrial complex, the CIA, the intelligence community and these contractors do not want an end of war because that means it would be the end of their profit,” Bennett told Press TV…

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