Russia: mass protest arrests show authorities’ ‘stranglehold’ on free expression

To Inform is to Influence

Amnesty International UK

12 Jun 2017, 06:25pm

‘The right to peaceful assembly is guaranteed by the Russian Constitution, though you wouldn’t know it from the alarming scenes today’ – Denis Krivosheev

A crackdown on peaceful protests across Russia in which hundreds of people were arrested and numerous others beaten by police earlier today demonstrates the Russian authorities’ utter contempt for fundamental human rights, Amnesty International said.

Amnesty spoke to an eyewitness who described scenes of mass beatings by police in Moscow, as well as police cordons obstructing people’s movement and vehicles lined up ready to arrest protesters.

The anti-corruption campaigner Aleksei Navalny was also arrested this morning as he was leaving the block of flats where he lives, and charged with the administrative offence of repeatedly violating the rules of public assemblies (punishable by up to 30 days’ detention). Amnesty believes Mr Navalny was arrested to prevent him from…

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