How do we call for a better Brexit?

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Earlier this week I wrote about the need for a national conversation on Britain’s future, and how we shouldn’t leave it to a small group of politicians to define Britain’s place in the world for us and our children. What I didn’t do is say how we could create such a conversation. That was remiss of me, and today I’ll run through some steps we can take to make that conversation happen.

  1. Get in touch with your MP and tell them that you support a cross-party approach to Brexit. This is especially important if you have a Conservative MP, and even better if you voted for them. A cross-party approach means that the whole process will be discussed, rather than conducted behind closed doors. If you’ve not contacted your MP before, you can use
  2. Join Open Britain, which is campaigning against ‘a hard, destructive Brexit’. It’s not a…

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