Russia / Strategy Media Update – 14 June 2017

To Inform is to Influence

Anonymous expert compilation, analysis, and reporting.

Caution: the story about Japan cancelling Ukraine visas means they will be accepting Ukrainians by EU Ukrainianvisa-free standards.  It is not an anti-Ukraine story…  

</end editorial>

Russia again dominates MSM traffic, despite the DC shooting incident. SECSTATE’s efforts to “stabilise” the relationship with Russia are apt to be futile, given that the regime needs foreign enemies to support its deceptive domestic agendas. The massive protests have produced some very strong editorials in Western MSM, many far more optimistic than Russophone observers who expect the worst. A Levada survey in Russia shows that public attitudes have decisively shifted away from euphoria of Krymnash and the conquest of Ukraine, to more mundane manners like basic economic survival, while Russian propagandists are not happy the West has refused to forget Crimea and Donbass. Moldova expels five Russian diplomats for recruiting mercenaries for Donbass proxy forces. Russian…

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