Senate overwhelmingly passes Russia sanctions deal

To Inform is to Influence

Clearly, Russia deserves this treatment after attacking the US, Ukraine, and the West for years. 

This lower-than-the-threshold, lower-than-the-definition, unethical and immoral less-than-war Russia has been waging has hopefully reached its limit. It is also good that Russia’s evil little brother, Iran, is also being punished.

This is strategic communications of the highest order.  Russia, hear this message directed at your President and your Duma.  Of course, we now expect to hear much gnashing of teeth, statements of outrage, and you will cry to the Russian public that you are being treated unfairly, without justification.  We know it’s a lie but the Russian people may not.  

A message is also being sent to President Trump. We are sick of Russia running roughshod over us.  Set the example, stand up to Russia and tell that little playground bully to behave. Their President is a spoiled little brat.

We can only hope…

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