Don’s Cabinet meeting was a spectacle to behold


In a spectacle unmatched in Washington D.C. journalistic history, Donald Trump recently  held the most bizarre meeting of his complete Cabinet in the history of the nation. Hell, maybe even the world!

Surrounded by his apparently dazed and brainwashed Cabinet, he listened approvingly as each member publicly expressed sincere and loving thanks for the privilege of serving HIM!

Even Adolf Hitler, with his mad ego, never came close to such unparalleled public self-aggrandizement. The event was unsurpassed in the annals of public ass kissing by supposed adults.

One by one, the gushing members groveled and kissed Don’s feet and ass. The floor became slick with male bovine droppings. If he wore a ring like the pope, they would have kissed that, too.

It wasn’t exactly an embarrassment to witness, more like seeing a Monty Python skit. The event took the views on an emotional roller coaster of feelings, first denial, then anger…

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