Russian Claims Questioned In Syria

To Inform is to Influence

Syrian government forces have been fighting Isis on the ground in Deir ez-Zor supported by Russian air strikes AFP

Russia is claiming two more ISIS commanders have been killed, but experts are doubting this and previous claims, according to ISIS experts in the Middle East. Looking at the bigger picture, however, the purpose behind these claims is for ammunition in the information war Putin needs for his 2018 election.  Putin needs to be seen as a strong leader, a many of action, a man of success. Instead, Putin is looking like a man who will kill, lie, cheat, and steal from the Russian people to get what he wants.

Russia claims it has killed two more Isis commanders in Syria air strikes 17 June 2017

Experts sceptical of claims, and previous report air strikes killed Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Russian forces claim they have killed two more Isis field…

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