TenFoot Films: Japan A Story of Love and Hate


Bleh Yous

Published on Jun 17, 2014
Naoki once had it all – the fast car, the executive home. Boss of his own business he lived the good-life when Japan’s economy was at it’s height. Then the bubble burst – and he met Yoshi.

Dreamcrusher: Japan, a Nightmare [WARNING] DO NOT WORK IN JAPAN
Ryan Boundlass

Japan has their dignity in tact. They’re not getting arse raped by multicultural globalists like Europe and america. They’re not racist, they just care about their own and don’t want people coming over from other countries and ruining their way of life. You’re not japanese, and you never will be. Nor am I. Japan doesn’t have sand people blowing up their people every few weeks… or “rape games”. Be like Japan. Be awesome 🙂

Only about half way through. But so far this seems to be more a problem between you and…

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