Al-Quds Day rally in London

Rehmat's World

Thousands of Londoners belonging to various religious and ethnic backgrounds joined the Al-Quds protest rally on Sunday despite pro-Israel Jewish and Christians groups’ petition to London Mayor Sadiq Khan to ban the protest rally (watch video blow).

The rally began from Zionist-controlled BBC and ended at the US embassy.

Several protesters carried flags of Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah and Gaza-ruling Islamic resistance Hamas. Participants shouted Free Palestine, Zionist Saudi Arabia and wipe Israel off the map slogans.

MP Jeremy Corbyn addressed the 2012 Al-Quds Day rally (listen below). However, now as leader of Labour part, he did not attend the rally in order not to irk the country’s organized Jewry.

Al-Quds Day rally has become largest annual protest in London since the 1980s.

The Al-Quds demonstration has been commemorated in London since Imam Khomeini ordered it, and it has been done so every year. This has…

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