Electronic warfare systems in Donbas. Specialists from EW company of Russian 19th Motorized Rifle Brigade detected

To Inform is to Influence

Anybody who denies Russia has invaded Ukraine is denying reality. 

Some are saying Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine, in the meantime, Russia is rotating units in and out of Ukraine. 

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By vasgri| on 06/17/2017

 Russia has been actively deploying electronic warfare (EW) systems in the Donbas war. Russian EW specialists supported the Russian invasion of Ukraine: they blocked GSM communication channels, jammed electronic management systems, etc. As of March, 29, 2017, InformNapalm revealed 44 types of Russian army weapons and equipment in the Donbas. Among them were 9 kinds of EW systems: RB-341V Leer-3, R-378B Borisoglebsk-2, R-934UM, R-330Zh Zhitel, Torn, Rtut-BM, RB-636AM2 Svet-KU, 1RL243 Rubicon, R-381T2 Taran.

Detecting a EW specialist is harder than catching a scout

It is easier to film Russian tankmen, scouts, snipers or artillery men, than EW specialists. The last ones get awards quite rarely and they do not…

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