Russia / Strategy Media Update – 18 June 2017

To Inform is to Influence

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Most notable Russia report today was Putin’s comment on former Chancellor Kohl, which speaks for itself. Vilmer and Gorbulin state the obvious – Gazprom board seats are extremely effective. Until the West cuts the firehose of cash from Moscow into Europe, too many European politicians will remain ambivalent on Russia’s attacks, weighing personal earnings against national well-being, as Sinclair applies: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it. ” Fascinating history story about Rhea Clyman in the USSR.

Fake news topics dominate IW/IO/Cyber today.

In Ukraine, the upcoming meeting between POTUS and Pres Poroshenko is stimulating debate on military aid and indeed the relationship with the US. Butusov’s strategy essay provides a good snapshot of views commonly held in Ukraine, but it does not deal with the much more fundamental problem…

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