Joe Biden praises anti-Israel Ernest Hollings

Rehmat's World

Hollings at an event at the University of South Carolina.On April 17, 2017 during a ceremony to unveil statue of former Governor and Senator Ernest Hollings in the garden of the J. Waties Waring Judicial Center in Charleston, former Zionist vice-president Joe Biden praised Ernest ‘Fritz’ Hollings, 95, for inspiring him to what he achieved in politics.

Fritz is the reason I was the vice president of the United States and a United States senator. You instilled an enormous amount of confidence in me, Fritz,” said Biden.

Biden said Hollings was “one of the greatest senators South Carolina has ever had.”

Israel First Iranophobic Sen. Lindsey Graham said Hollings deserves to be memorialized for his many accomplishments in South Carolina, including creating a network of technical colleges to equip the state with a skilled workforce.

Sen. Hollings who retired in 2005 after serving at US Senate for 40 years was declared anti-Jew and anti-Israel by ADL…

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