More On Contrived Russian Lineage

To Inform is to Influence

I wrote to a friend, yesterday, about the bogus claims by a senior Russian Foreign Ministry member.  Here is his response, worthy of publishing.

One final note, during my research, yesterday, for Russian Ancestry Overstretch – Again, I ran across a lot of DNA evidence, much more than I could possibly list here. Now that DNA technology is maturing, Russia can no longer claim a lineage to Augustus Octavian or Genghis Khan without DNA evidence. Written and verbal claims are quickly becoming meaningless without DNA testing. Russia’s claims are looking more hokey and contrived every day. Show us a haplogroup, show us Y-DNA and mtDNA evidence or keep your bullcrap to yourself.

My friend’s anonymous response and my original note to him at the bottom.

This is the nonsense we have seen numerous humanities scholars, especially professional historians, complain about w.r.t. Russia – displacement of historical fact with appealing myths that support the

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