Russia / Strategy Media Update – 24 June 2017

To Inform is to Influence

Anonymous expert compilation, analysis, and reporting.

COCW means Choke On Coffee Warning, FYI.

</end editorial>

Another day of Russia contributing MSM traffic on multiple fronts, while its ongoing internal meltdown continues. Excellent RFE/RL podcast on Russia’s ongoing collective “imperial delusion”.  Caucasus stability questioned. Prof Goble’s #88 shows extant meltdown trends gaining momentum. Multiple COCW items. Belarus seen as problematic invasion target for Russia due to Lukashenko forming Belarusian LGM units to play “Belarusian partisan”.

While debate over Putin’s fake video clip continues, the most bizarre IW/IO item is the overnight post by a senior Foreign Ministry official in Russia, asserting that “Ivan the Formidable (Terrible) aka Ivan Grozny aka Ivan IV: His father was descended from Augustus Octavian. His mother was descended from Genghis Khan”double COCW applies! Vkontakte founder opposes Putin, plus an excellent report on Chinese use of social media for propaganda.

More on Ukraine’s defense agreements…

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