Russia / Strategy Media Update – 25 June 2017

To Inform is to Influence

Anonymous expert compilation, analysis, and reporting.

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Russia’s descent into the abyss continues, unabated. Debate arcing up around an exit from the INF following Russian breaches – why maintain a one-sided treaty commitment? Multiple bizarre claims by the Russian propaganda machine. Production of Zubr ACVs in the Crimean plant in difficulty – key components including engines “Made in Ukraine”. More religious repression. Rosbalt publishes a historical report on Stalin’s deliberations to drain the Caspian Sea, to reduce the cost of drilling for a producing oil.

Most notable IW/IO/Cyber report is the attack on UK Parliament, but other interesting reports.

In Ukraine, the summer “harvest ceasefire” fails courtesy of the Russian proxy force. Kharkiv Oblast border fortifications to be completed this year, Sumy and Luhansk to follow. Russian deep penetration team taken out by UA, two of the teams were Russian Army regulars, one of who is KIA, the other EPW. Calls…

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