Abu Hassan Al-Kuwaiti Of ISIS On: Meaning of “Sexual Jihad”

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The meaning of a sexual Jihad. And who is behind it? Why it is spread? And what is its goal? And are there people who aid the spreading of this slander and distortion?

Abu Hassan Al-Kuwaiti, Responds to above questions addressed by his son:

First, the real meaning of Jihad: “Is to do what you can and put your energy in supporting the religion of Allah the Almighty. And this work must be purely for Allah.” Jihad must have a sincere intention and correct actions, and the intention is a condition for the soundness of the outwardly action. Like the Prophet (SalAllahu Alayhi wa Selam) said: “A deed is according to its intention.” And the correct action is through the Sunnah of Muhammad and what is prescribed by the order of Allah and His permission. A person could leave his house with a good intention for Jihad for the Sake…

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