“The Followers of “The Caliphate” in Yemen … Facts and Questions”

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Muhannad Ghallab (Soldier in al Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula)  Questions  number of facts not logically explained and the followers of the “Islamic State” in Yemen see it as the eye of reality, 

There has been the announcement of a number of members and mujahid groups in some of the Muslim countries of their allegiance to the new Caliphate, who accepted their allegiance on the differences and included in conditions, these members and those groups in terms of weakness and strength in reality which they announced themselves, and thus what followed was the erosion or the real presence for them in which they could translate it on the ground through military work which is the goal and gain of establishing mujahid groups for the sake of the deen and fighting His enemies.

And the stark truth which two of the wise do not differ is that all of those entities –…

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