Russia / Strategy Media Update – 27 June 2017

To Inform is to Influence

Anonymous expert compilation, analysis, and reporting.

On the murder of Colonel GU Intelligence Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Maxim Shapoval, the Russian comments are already hateful on LiveLeak.

</end editorial>

NATO Gen Pavel warns about the Russian buildup against NATO. Ballistic and cruise missile risks finally being elevated in the debate, after a decade of complacency. Agency vets warn on Russian duplicity, citing a long list of deceitful engagements by the Russians since the fall of the Evil Empire – the proverb about “a leopard changing its spots, but not its appetite” comes to mind.

Russia’s ongoing meltdown continues, with reports ranging from the disturbing, to the grotesque and even the absurd. The bizarre: Russians trying to suppress historical evidence of WW2 Russian collaboration with Nazis and desertions, poll on the greatest man in history won decisively by Stalin in the opinion of the Russian public, Russian media propagating…

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