Russia, upping pressure on Telegram app, says it was used to plot bombing

To Inform is to Influence

Russia’s FSB security service said on Monday that terrorists had used the Telegram messaging app to carry out a deadly suicide bombing on Russian soil, increasing pressure on the app days after the authorities accused it of breaking data laws.

Russia’s communications regulator Roskomnadzor said on Friday it would block Telegram soon unless it handed over information needed to put the app on an official government list of information distributors.

Telegram has so far refused to comply because it fears complying would undermine the privacy of its more than 6 million Russian users.

Once on the list, it would have to store information about its users on Russian servers and hand over user information to the authorities on request.

The FSB, the successor agency to the Soviet-era KGB, weighed into the standoff on Monday, releasing a statement which said Telegram provided “terrorists…

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