The Morning Vertical – 28 June 2016

To Inform is to Influence


by Brian Whitmore

On My Mind

A recent uptick in the fighting in the Donbas and the assassination of a Ukrainian military intelligence officer in Kyiv suggest that Russia’s 3-year-old war on its neighbor is moving into a very uncertain stage. Perhaps the most uncertain stage since the conflict began.

The Minsk process is obviously dead in the water, yet nobody wants to explicitly admit this.

Legislation is reportedly working its way through the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s parliament, that would change the designation of the conflict from an “Antiterrorist Operation” to a “regional war,” and would classify the separatist-held areas as “occupied territories.” 

If passed, the legislation would give Ukraine’s armed forces greater latitude in prosecuting the war.

Ukrainian officials appear increasingly hopeful that help from the West, perhaps even the defensive weapons they have long sought, could be on the way.

According to Ukrainian media…

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