Russia / Strategy Media Update – 29 June 2017

To Inform is to Influence

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Draft of the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act includes many things that will produce apoplexy in Moscow, including “$500 million to provide Ukraine with security assistance — including lethal weapons — against Russian-backed separatists”. SECDEF Mattis points out some ground truths for the Russians to chew on: “…the Russian … leader making mischief beyond Russian borders will not restore their fortunes or rekindle their hope”. Former Pres Ilves of Estonia HuffPost OpEd is excellent and cuts past the rhetoric. Whitmore and Goble explore further the Levada poll on “the world’s all-time greatest historical figures” – Russia’s sense of exceptionalism is rooted in the long cultivated insular self-belief and innate sense of superiority over other nationalities and cultures, the same toxic delusion that poisoned Germany and Japan during the 1930s. Regionalist movements in Russia, often dating back to the Soviet or…

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