Russia: US sent ‘invitation’ for terrorists to stage gas attack in Syria

To Inform is to Influence

Update: Apologies, I initially launched with incomplete information and the author subsequently corrected me.  I suggested the word “invitation” was an inflation of the correct verbiage. 

The US picked up intelligence that Syria was about to launch another chemical attack on its civilians.  The US said “no, no, no, don’t do that.”  

The author, Joel Gehrke, sent me this link from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: 

Which contains the following: 

We perceive all these new insinuations regarding weapons of mass destruction – made in the worst traditions of the 2003 NATO intervention in Iraq – as nothing but an “invitation” for terrorists, extremists and armed opposition units active in Syria to fabricate another large-scale provocation with the use of chemical weapons. Washington expects to follow…

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