We’re All Russia’s Neighbors Now

To Inform is to Influence

June 29, 2017 06:03 GMT

Brian Whitmore

Estonians were getting hacked by Russia long before it was cool.

Ukrainians had to deal with Kremlin interference in their elections before it became trendy.

Georgia and Moldova had to live with disinformation, fake news, and active measures before these things became fashionable catchphrases.

It’s a good idea to pay very close attention to what Russia does to its neighbors, because it often foreshadows things Moscow will later try out farther to the West.

“To try to understand Russia’s intervention and undermining of the U.S. election, you have to first understand Russia’s use of active measures to undermine Russia’s own neighbors,” Mark Simakovsky, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, told Snopes.

“The most recent examples of that are not only in Ukraine but also in Georgia, Estonia, Latvia, and other countries in Russia’s periphery.”

And in this sense, we’ve all become…

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