NATO Stuck in Ineffective ‘Cold War’ Model, Unable to Combat Terrorism: Russian Foreign Minister

To Inform is to Influence

I was sent this link by a trusted friend. As I read through the article I just couldn’t shake the feeling that it was skewed and biased, almost like *gasp* Russian propaganda.

When Russian FM Lavrov is quoted as an authoritative source and is accusing NATO of “greedily acquiring geopolitical space”, my suspicions grew stronger. 

At the bottom of the article it lists TASS as the source for the article.  I have no problem with folks republishing TASS stories, but I wanted to get a sensing of the rest of the news site. 

The very next story was “U.S. Officials Can’t Keep Track of Foreign ‘Assistance’ Money” and the source is RT.  Okay, they love to bash the US and republish Russian propaganda pieces. 

This makes it very easy to list as a Russian proxy propaganda site. I’m certain there are quite a few others in Latin America. 


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