Russia / Strategy Media Update – 01 July 2017

To Inform is to Influence

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I must also draw attention to the excellent article by Sue Curry Jansen.  I believe it is going to kick off a firestorm of discussions in our community.

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Russia’s leadership seems determined to drive their nation down the abyss. Trying to outlaw Internet anonymizers, despite domestic advice this is futile if not inane, extending counter-sanctions on Western food hurting ordinary Russians, a broken maternal capital program, and no funds to pay for inflation adjustments in military salaries or pensions, all while the nation haemorrhages a self-inflicted death of a thousand cuts. Treating Russian troops sent to Donbass as expendable human “myaso” [meat = cannon fodder], then diddling widows out of benefits, and denying troops and vets decent salaries and benefits explains why the new Russian National Guard (Praetorian) has 400,000 personnel.  Roxburgh’s Guardian essay on Russian media“orchestrated hate and xenophobia”

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