European ministers want ‘code of conduct’ for migrant rescue NGOs

Peace and Freedom


© AFP/File | A girl disembarks from the Aquarius rescue ship run by NGO S.O.S. Mediterranee and Medecins Sans Frontieres in the Italian port of Salerno on May 26 2017 after a rescue operation in the Mediterranean

PARIS (AFP) – France, Germany and Italy said Monday they had agreed to draw up a “code of conduct” for charities operating boats in the Mediterranean to rescue migrants crossing from Africa to Europe.

The code would be an attempt to regulate operations in the sea where the Italian coast guard, European border patrol forces and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) currently operate vessels that pick up stranded migrants.

Italy has also been pushing for other European countries to open up their ports to rescue ships, in order to share the burden around, but the request was declined by France calling it “counterproductive”.

It risked encouraging more migrants to attempt the trip, an aide to…

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