Philippine President Duterte Critic Says Institutions of Government Failing Include The Senate, National Police, and Armed Forces — “Duterte won’t complete his term”

Peace and Freedom


MANILA, Philippines – Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV yesterday lamented that “lapdogs” of the Duterte administration now comprise the Senate, which is supposed to fulfill its role as “the last bastion of democracy” in the country.

Speaking to reporters during the weekly Samahang Plaridel forum at the Manila Hotel, Trillanes, a critic of President Duterte, said that the inaction of his fellow senators has reduced them to being mere puppets of the current administration.

“(Senators) don’t want to investigate anymore,” Trillanes said, even calling the pro-Duterte senators “cowards” for failing to perform their duty to look into alleged anomalies in the government.

Trillanes said the Senate is now one of the most damaged institutions in government, apart from the judiciary, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) since Duterte assumed the presidency.

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