Qatar finds way round embargo but ‘nightmare’ continues

Peace and Freedom


© AFP | A general view taken on July 2, 2017 shows the corniche of the Qatari capital Doha
DOHA (AFP) – Nearly a month since Qatar was isolated by its Gulf neighbours, residents of the emirate have learned to adapt to the daily realities of living with the embargo.They buy vegetables and milk that come from Iran and Turkey, complain about price increases for staples while those travelling abroad face longer-than-usual flights as most neighbouring countries have closed their airspace to Qatar Airways.

“The government has found alternatives and there is no problem (of shortages)… despite a slight price increase we can cope,” says Mohammed al-Chib, shopping at a Doha supermarket.

But he admits he and his family have had to make cutbacks.

“We’ve learned a lesson and we consume less.”

On June 5, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt cut diplomatic ties with Qatar and…

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